Founded in 2002, our laboratory conducts research in wired and wireless networking systems and theory. Our past contributions have spanned research on Internet routing, peer-to-peer systems, and Internet measurement. Our current focus is on networked systems of various kinds. Our projects span the following areas:

  • Data center networking and cloud-based systems
  • Internet measurements
  • Software-defined networking
  • Smartphones
  • Wireless sensor networks and robotic networks
  • Other edge networking technologies such as mesh networks and home networking

More about us? Check out our Lab introduction, member section, and list of projects.


  • Jan 12 2016
    Congratulations to Brandon for winning the prestigious 2016-2017 Facebook PhD fellowship---the sole winner in networking!!
  • Jan 12 2016
    Two papers (FlowRadar and Sibyl) have been accepted to NSDI 2016!
  • Jan 12 2016
    Our paper (MOZART) has been accepted to SOSR 2016!
  • Jan 12 2016
    One paper has been accepted to PAM 2016!
  • Jan 12 2016
    NSL Year 2015 End Roundup--Wow, what a year! We published at 12 different venues: 2 SIGCOMM papers, 1 SOSP paper, 2 NSDI papers, 1 MobiSys paper, 1 MobiCom paper, 5 IMC papers, 2 CoNEXT papers, 1 SOCC paper, 1 FAST paper, 1 SenSys paper, 1 PAM paper, 1 RTSS paper!
  • Sept 3 2015
    We have 2 papers accepted to CoNEXT 2015!
  • Sept 3 2015
    We have 5 papers accepted to IMC 2015!
  • Sept 3 2015
    Welcome to Mingyang, our new Ph.D. student!
  • Sept 3 2015
    Farewell to Chris, our summer intern from Rutgers University. Fight on!
  • June 29 2015
    Our paper (Existential Consistency) has been accepted to SOSP 2015!
  • June 01 2015
    Congratulations to Professor Minlan Yu for receiving the NSF Career Award!
  • May 12 2015
    Two papers (Condor and Hopper) have been accepted to SIGCOMM 2015!

  • Dec 05 2014
    Our PIC and Batfish papers have been accepted in NSDI 2015!
  • Nov 29 2014
    Our Web Proxy paper has been accepted and will appear in PAM 2015.
  • Sept 15 2014
    Two papers (f4 and Rococo) to appear in OSDI 2014.
  • July 7 2014
    Professor Ethan Katz-Bassett is awarded an NSF CAREER grant.
  • May 1 2014
    Two papers (DREAM and SDX) to appear in SIGCOMM 2014.
  • Mar 12 2014
    Professor Ramesh Govindan appointed the Northrup Grumman Chair in Engineering.
  • Mar 3 2014
    Our PUMA (Programmable UI-Automation) paper has been accepted and will appear in MobiSys 2014, Bretton Woods, NH.
  • Mar 2 2014
    Four papers to appear at Open Networking Summit 2014
  • Dec 24 2013
    Our work on reducing web latency has been awarded the IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) and we will present the work at the 91st IETF meeting in November 2014.
  • Dec 20 2013
    Three papers (FlowTags, GRASS, and DECAF) to appear at NSDI 2014
  • Nov 25 2013
    Professor Ramesh Govindan and Professor John Heidemann have been recognized as IEEE Fellows.
  • Nov 25 2013
    Five papers have been accepted and will appear in PAM 2014, Los Angeles. Most of them are the result of collaborative work with other institutions, including the University of Napoli Federico II (Italy), UC Riverside, the University of Michigan, Northeastern University, Georgia Tech, and Google.
  • Nov 25 2013
    Our Wireless Loss Differentation paper has been accepted and will appear in INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada.
  • Oct 15 2013
    Our CSPAN SPANStore paper, a collaboration with UCR on how to deploy a storage service across multiple cloud providers to save money, will appear at SOSP 2013 in Pennsylvania.
  • Aug 08 2013
    Our paper on the rapid expansion of Google's serving infrastructure will appear at IMC 2013, Barcelona, Spain. Here's an animation of the expansion over time. Our study was also discussed in news media, including among others, articles in ACM TechNews, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal Blog.
  • Aug 06 2013
    Three papers (Web Latency, PoiRoot, and SIMPLE) have been accepted and will appear in SIGCOMM 2013, Hong Kong, China. The Web Latency paper is the result of a continuing collaboration with the "Make the Web Faster" team at Google, and demonstrates how we were able to improve Google's Web response time by over 20% on average.
  • Mar 02 2013
    Our Selective Instrumentation paper has been accepted and will appear in MobiSys 2013, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Dec 04 2012
    3 papers (vCRIB, P3, and OpenSketch) have been accepted, will appear in NSDI 2013, Lombard, IL.
  • Dec 04 2012
    Our Energy Profiling paper, eLens, has been accepted and will appear in ICSE 2013, San Fransisco, CA.
  • Sep 21 2012
    Our Routing Violations paper has been accepted and will appear in IMC 2012, Boston.
  • Jul 17 2012
    Our Pickle paper has been accepted and will appear in SenSys 2012, Toronto, Canada.
  • Jun 26 2012
    We have released our Medusa implementation. Please take a look at the project website.
  • Mar 02 2012
    Our Medusa paper has been accepted, to appear in MobiSys 2012, Lake District, United Kingdom.
  • Dec 08 2011
    Dr. Ramesh Govindan, the head of the NSL, is recognized by ACM as a fellow of 2011 for his "fundamental contributions to computer networking". Link
  • Dec 01 2011
    Our Snooze paper has been accepted, to appear in CoNext 2011, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Dr. Omprakash Gnawali, a recent NSL alumnus, became an Assistant Professor at University of Houston, starting Fall 2011.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Our CarMA paper has been accepted, to appear in SenSys 2011, Seattle.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Dr. Jeongyeup Paek is joining the CISCO Systems, starting Fall 2011.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Dr. Abhishek Sharma is joining the NEC Laboratory, starting Fall 2011.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Dr. Ramesh Govindan Announced as New Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  • Nov 29 2011
    Dr. Marcos Vieira, a recent ENL alumnus, became an Assistant Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Federal University of Minas Gerais), starting Jan. 2011.
  • Nov 29 2011
    Nupur Kothari selected as the USC Graduate School's Feature Graduate Student of the Month